Ghana Keyboards - Layouts

winGlass - Layouts

Please take note of the color-coding used on each keyboard layout guide.


winGlass - Visual Guide

Visual Keyboard image

After installing your WinGLaSS package, you can also use the Visual Keyboard tool (a screenshot shown to the right) to review the location of keys on the keyboard using the folowing simple steps.

Selecting a layout

  • Rightclick on the Keyman icon Keyman icon and select 'Visual Keyboard.' AN interactive keyboard diagram will appear [See diagram below]. Selecting a layout
  • Click on the Keyman icon and select the icon representing your language. In this example, we select the Ewe Standard keyboard layout:


The Characters on the Visual Keyboard

  • Notice that the characters on the visual keyboard shown on your screen [fig. 1] change to show you which characters you would get by typing on a given key on the keyboard [fig 3]. Screenshot of Visual Layout
  • Click on any of these modifier keys:
    • Shift key [labelled 'Shift']
    • Left Control key [labelled 'L Ctrl']
    • Right Control key [labelled 'R Ctrl']
    • Left Alt key [labelled 'L Alt']
    • Right Alt key [labelled 'R Alt']
  • That key will be highlighted to show that it is depressed. In this example, we clicked on the 'R Alt' key which gets hightlighted [fig 4]. You will also see the characters generated when the appropriate keys are pressed while the 'R Alt' key is depressed.

    screenshot of visual keyboard
  • Repeat for the other modifier keys.

winGlass - Diacritics

The following diacritics have been mapped for usage with the vowels 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u' in WinGLass 1.0:

  • Acute Accent
    • To get an acute accented vowel, type the single quote, ', and then type the vowel. e.g. 'e gives é.
    • Note that to get an single quote,', you have to type the single quote twice. i.e. '' gives '.
  • Grave Accent
    • To get an grave accented vowel, type the forward quote, `, and then type the vowel. e.g. `a gives à.
    • Note that to get a forward quote,`, you need to type forward quote twice. i.e. `` gives `
  • Tilde
    • To get a tilde accented vowel, type the tilde, ~, and then type the vowel. e.g. ~o gives õ
    • Note that to get a a tilde, ~, you need to type tilde twice. i.e. ~~ gives ~.