Keyboards for Ghanaian Languages

Hooray for winGlass Third Anniversary

September 25, 2006. Hooray! Saturday the 23rd was the third anniversary of the launch of the winGlass. Although it was not celebrated in pomp and pageantry, the dream lives on as we feverishly work a publicity campaign in Ghana by the end of next week. As always, the virtual keyboards are available as free downloads from the Downloads section. Please spread the word!

Hitting the 300th Download Milestone

July 19, 2006. During the week of June 26, GhanaKeyboards.Com passed the 300th download milestone for version 1.0 of the Ghanaian Languages Support Systems for Windows (winGlass), a suite of virtual keyboards that support Ghanaian languages has been. The celebration also coincides with the redesign of the site to provide a more accessible, and hopefully, more pleasant browsing experience for our visitors. We hope you will spread the word because it is about time we stepped-up, as Ghanaians and digitised the wealth of traditional and cultural literature that has been passed down the generations by word of mouth.

GhanaKeyboards.Com is undergoing restructuring and will launch two new projects by the end of this summer so, please keep visiting and spreading the word.

The keyboards available here are built on the Tavultesoft Keyman architecture. They will soon be deprecated once we launch AltKey. However, we will, continue to provide support for the Keyman-based software for one whole year after we launch AltKey. Please stay tuned for more details.